The Best Lusha Alternative

Use AroundDeal to build prospect lists and fuel your go-to-market strategy in Asia.


AroundDeal Vs Lusha

Email Addresses 80M+ 60M
Asia Contact 25M+ 2.5M
Better For Region APAC Region and Europe North America
Bulk Domain Search Yes No
Contact Data Accuracy 95% Accuracy guarantee Averages a data accuracy of 74% according to online reviews
Better For Role For sales, marketing & recruiters Mostly for sales prospecting

Looking for a Lusha Alternative?

AroundDeal provides the most comprehensive Asia B2B database. Make it easy to build prospect lists, increase ROI and achieve your revenue goals.

Enrichment -- Get a Fresh And Clean List All at a Once

Fill your list with 50+ firmographic fields

Upload a .csv file and let us do the work for you! We enrich your records with 50+ fields in the AroundDeal Database to complete records with the data that is critical for your business.


Bulk Domain Search -- Turn Domain & Company Name Lists into Your Leads

Save both time and money with AroundDeal

Upload your trageted company names or domain names list, you will get you results of targeted list with verified contacts