Looking for a ZoomInfo Alternative?

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AroundDeal Vs ZoomInfo

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Data Quality Technographics insights & proprietary 3-step verification process Combination of manually mined and machine generated data
Contact Data Accuracy 95% Accuracy Guarantee Averages a data accuracy of 76% according to online reviews
Data Ownership Your data remains yours forever You cannot retain data once you stop renewing your subscription
Key Decision Makers 4.2M+ C-level Executives Predominantly consists of leads with low decision-making authority
Contact Coverage Enterprise finds contacts even outside AroundDeal's database Coverage limited to its own database
Pricing All-round access for every plan at a better price Expensive pricing as you add more features

Looking for a ZoomInfo Alternative?

AroundDeal provides the most comprehensive Asia B2B database. Make it easy to build prospect lists, increase ROI and achieve your revenue goals.

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