Troubleshooting and FAQs

How can I find prospects with the Bulk Domain Search?

To use the Bulk Finder, you will need to have a list of domain names or company names ready. This list can be in a file (CSV), or you can simply copy and paste your list directly into AroundDeal.

Enter a unique name for your bulk task, and select your type of input. If your file contains website URLs, select Domain names.

How much does it cost?

We charge 1 credit per prospect. If a prospect is invalid or wasn' found, no credit will be charged. You will not be charged again for duplicates.

What is the max number of contacts I can find in Bulk Finder at a time?

AroundDeal can process 50 prospects per domain and up to 10,000 prospects per Bulk Finder task.

Will AroundDeal charge me for contacts already saved in Prospector?

No. Any prospects, that you've previously added (viewed contact info) will be excluded from the generated list.

How accurate are the collected email results?

We verify and validate our information to remove incorrect, duplicate, stale and unverifiable contacts information, guarantee 95% accuracy. Pay only for vaild contacts information.

How are you different from other tools?

AroundDeal Bulk Domain Search Tool not only find and search contacts from existing database, but also search from all open resoures at real-time. And we will clean and verify the data crawled across all open resoures.

Do you sell email list?

We do not sell (or buy) databases. If you are looking for a tailor-made list of B2B sales leads collected specifically according to your ideal customer profile, we offers a Prospecting Service. Contact us to learn more: support@arounddeal.comYou can also use our google extension to build your own highly-targeted, clean email lists and consistently fill your funnel with fresh leads.

How does AroundDeal Visitors work?

AroundDeal Visitors, AroundDeal’s anonymous visitor identification feature, works by identifying visitors through a combination of IP address, browser information. We exclusively track visitors all over the world. We utilize artificial intelligence (AI) and plain old human intelligence (HI) to eliminate visitors that cannot be correlated to a business, such as those that use a VPN, a mobile phone network or their personal ISP.

Can I track more than one website?

Yes, you can track multiple websites or website views. This article shows you how to do that.

Can I use AroundDeal Visitors on my competitor's website?

No, you can only use AroundDeal with websites where you have permission to insert the AroundDeal script.

How much does it cost?

We charge 1 credit per unique company/prospect. You will not be charged again for duplicates.

How accurate will AroundDeal Visitors be?

It can vary greatly, of course, depending on your website, web traffic, B2B vs B2C customers, and industry, at minimum. As each customer is different there is no way to honestly give a percentage of visitors identified.

How long does it take to start identifying visitors after AroundDeal Visitors Script is installed?

The identification will start as soon as the verification is completed. You’ll be able to find out which companies are checking out your website within 24 hours.

Who has access to AroundDeal Visitors?

This function is only for enterprise users. If necessary, please contact us to activate it.

Why can’t i know the name of the person that visited my website?

You can’t know the exact name of the person that visited your website due to technical and legal limitations, including CCPA and GDPR.

However, under People Analytics tab, we provide you high-fit prospects with the contact information that work at the companies visited your website. This article shows you how to set persona filter and receive personalized recommendation.

How often do companies/people analytics update?

We update companies and prospects once a day.

Can I share my AroundDeal subscription with my team?

Only one user can access a single AroundDeal subscription. If you want have multiple users, you will need to buy more seats.
Each Team Seat is linked to ONE Paid AroundDeal Subscription and will be billed as part of the team total each month.
For example, if you add 3 Basic Monthly Seats to your Team Plan, you will be billed 5 x $39 = $195/month

How many users can I invite?

Each plan offers a different number of users, depending on your needs.
Basic: 1-5 users
Premium: 1-10 users
If you want more seats please Contact Sales

Can I allocate credits?

If you have an Enterprise plan and as an admin, you can allocate your team of users credits.

What are user roles and permissions?

Each user is assigned to a specific “role” with the relevant permissions.

Admin permissions:
Use AroundDeal's extension and use credits
Use the prospector feature
Export all lists
Manage the team members of the account (invite member, remove member, change roles)
Manage the account billing details
Manage domain (Visitors)

User permissions:
Use AroundDeal's extension and use credits
Use the prospector feature
Export only contacts that were saved by the user
View Team & Visitors dashboard & analytics page

Does AroundDeal extension work on multiple browsers?

At this time AroundDeal works exclusively with Google Chrome.

I am having trouble using AroundDeal extension.

Email and tell us what errors you are experiencing. Please be as specific as possible and include a screenshot.

Why is my AroundDeal extension not working on Chrome?

Allow premissions for the AroundDeal extension will resolve the issue.

AroundDeal is only showing the loading circle

If this happens, please update your AroundDeal extension version.

I referred a friend but did not receive the referral credits.

Refferal credits will be granted to free acounts who join and install extension on their browsers only.

I am having trouble with referrals.

Email and tell us what errors you are experiencing. Please be as specific as possible and include a screenshot.

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