2-REG is the aircraft registry of the States of Guernsey. It is operated on a commercial basis and fully tailored to the customer’s needs. Its approach to approving aircraft and personnel is pragmatic, swift, flexible and friendly, while meeting all ICAO safety standards. Although geographically situated in Europe, Guernsey is not part of the European Union. As such, it offers unique opportunities for aircraft ownership and registration. Guernsey is a tax-efficient offshore state and there are significant advantages to structuring the ownership of your aircraft there. Why is 2-REG attractive? Guernsey is a neutral, semi-autonomous state. It has a long history of political stability and is on the OECD white list. Home to a world-leading maritime financial and insurance services sector, Guernsey has no insurance premium tax or capital gains tax. Free circulation in the EU VAT area can be arranged through specialist service providers using a variety of methods, ranging from temporary import to full import. Also, duty free fuel for flying in the EU can be obtained. 2-REG is one of few registries in the world to accept ‘Type Certificates’ from all major jurisdictions (US/EASA/Canada/Brazil). This provides added flexibility and avoids the need for modifications to second hand aircraft. IS-BAO registered operators are exempt from undergoing a detailed approval of the Operations Manual and Safety Management System. The 2-REG fee schedule is competitive compared to other off-shore registries, whilst our 24/7 commercial and personal services exceed the usual governmental quality standards. Do you want a personalised registration mark for your aircraft? 2-REG offers selected registrations, so you can request the mark you want. A few ideas to inspire you: Places: 2-BALI Names: 2-JOHN Verbs: 2-SAVE Phrases: 2-COOL Phonetics: 2-MORO 2-REG has become well known for its speed of service and round the clock availability.

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Airworthiness Surveyor at 2-REG

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