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Accent Wire Tie is the leading provider of baling wire and bale strapping equipment to the waste and recycling industry. Accent has a large and comprehensive North American distribution network and the most experienced sales and service team in the industry. Accent manufactures the Accent 470 Wire Tying system. The most innovative wire tier for two-ram balers available today. Accent is also the exclusive worldwide dealer for the Envirobale Bagging System.

United States

Business Supplies & Equipment, Renewables & Environment


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Lyn Garland
Chief Financial Officer at Accent Family of Companies
Bill Sims
President and Chief Executive Officer at Accent Family of Companies
Leigh Ann Moore
Business Development and Retention at Accent Wire
Steven Kirby
Operations Manager at Accent Wire-Tie
Todd Sims
Vice President / COO at Accent Wire-Tie

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