The Future of Retail Acktify is a Boston based e-Commerce company that sells the spectrum of consumer packaged goods directly to end customers on all global marketplaces. Our proprietary Frictionless Commerce Platform © melds technology and processes seamlessly to optimize both the selling price of our products and the high-speed fulfillment of shipments to consumers. Our company is a modern retail operation modeled after old-fashion arbitrage principles that always puts the customer first. Proving We Are One of the Best | Join Our Team! On every marketplace we service, Acktify is a Top 50 Seller, and we have collected a 98% positive customer feedback rating throughout our tens of thousands of annual consumer reviews. Due to this success, we are growing at a 50% rate each year, while expanding profitability. When you work with us, or join our team, we can ensure you can reap the benefits of our success.

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