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Aki Technologies’ mission is to advance moment marketing technology, in partnership with brands and agencies, to deliver a better consumer experience and revolutionary business results. Through its unique moment marketing approach, Aki helps marketers deliver personalized advertising using its patented video personalization technology that better aligns with consumer preferences and ad receptivity in a given moment. Leading brands including Amazon, Johnson & Johnson, Target, Toyota and Taco Bell, use Aki’s moment marketing science to inform strategy and drive meaningful impact on campaign metrics like awareness, engagement, foot traffic and sales. To learn more about the company visithttp://www.a.ki.

United States

Marketing & Advertising


Mobile Advertising Programmatic Buying Media Monetization Marketing Mobile Video Mobile Data Mobile Moments Moment Targeting Ad receptivity AI Artificial Intelligence Machine learning Personalization Eyeview Digital Out of Home Connected TV Omnichannel Foot Traffic Sales Lift Brand Awareness Personalized Creative

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Leslie Olech
Senior Sales Planner at Aki Technologies
Jacob Demyan
Account Executive, Midwest at Aki Technologies
Polly Lieberman
Senior Vice President, Strategic Acccounts at Aki Technologies
Dustin Savel
Senior Director Sales Marketing at Aki Technologies
Risa Crandall
VP Strategy + Sales | CPG at Aki Technologies
Austin Hayes
Senior Director of Account Management at Aki Technologies
Jon Stocco
Vice President of Sales & Co-Founder at Aki Technologies

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