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Altimate Medical designs and manufactures high-quality, medical technology. We aim to improve the quality of life for end-users and clinicians who rely on our products every day. Since its inception in 1987, Altimate Medical and its EasyStand brand has lead the standing industry by creating unsurpassed standing technology. Altimate Medical has since expanded its product portfolio and made several acquisitions of well-known and respected brands within the complex rehab (ActiveAid, 2018) and healthcare capital expense (MPI, 2015) markets. Our Brands EasyStand EasyStand has been perfecting sit to stand standing frames and helping improve the quality of life for kids and adults who use wheelchairs for over 30 years. EasyStand standing devices are produced in our Morton, MN facility and distributed globally. Zing The Zing brand represents a full line of single and multi-position standers. The Zing MPS is the only true multi-position stander on the market with its unique pivot point that allows supine to prone positioning all in one motion. Zing standers are produced in our Morton, MN facility and are distributed globally. ActiveAid ActiveAid manufactures high-quality, stainless-steel bath, shower and commode products. ActiveAid products are produced in our Redwood Falls, MN facility and distributed in the US and Canada. Medical Positioning, Inc. MPI’s product portfolio includes ergonomic and bariatric diagnostic imaging platforms designed to offer optimum positioning and improved imaging results across cardiology, vascular, radiology, breast biopsy, surgery, pain management, and speech pathology. MPI products are produced in our Kansas City, KS facility. Justify It Justify It is a web-based tool that generates a comprehensive letter of medical necessity (LMN) for complex rehab technology (CRT) products.

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