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Since 1991 we have worked closely with professional rescuers, creative inventors and talented engineers to develop products that are used to save lives, increase public safety, and enable an average person to perform tasks more safely and more easily. Angel-GUARD manufactures some top-selling and revolutionary products, including the number one selling snow rake in the country, the SnoBrum. Over the years many of Angel-GUARD’s innovative products have won industry awards. Cord Connect, SnoBrum and Bat Hook were each recognized as Hardware Retailing’s Retailer's Choice Award at past National Hardware Shows. This award honors the “Best of the Best” product at the show each year. Angel-GUARD has a large line of rescue products, and is one of the country’s leading manufacturers of ice rescue equipment and advanced ice rescue training. The Rescue Alive has been used to save over 75 lives. New products are constantly in development. We scour the country for inventors, who submit products for our testing and evaluation. The best of these products are branded with the Angel-GUARD name.

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