AntriaBio, Inc.


AntriaBio is a biopharmaceutical company with a platform to develop novel extended release therapies. Our platform combines proprietary formulation and manufacturing capabilities with well-known molecules to significantly improve standards of care. AntriaBio's lead product candidate is AB101, an injectable once-weekly basal insulin for type 1 and type 2 diabetes that addresses a $11 billion market where the current standard of care is a once-daily basal insulin injection. We believe that our development strategy increases the probability of technical success while reducing safety and efficacy concerns, approval risks, and overall development costs. We also believe that our approach will result in significantly improved and more efficacious therapies with substantial benefits to the global diabetic population. For more information visit:

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James Vardas
Director, Technical Operations at AntriaBio, Inc.
Scott Voss C. Pmp
Director, Manufacturing Operations at AntriaBio, Inc.
Aimee Stutts
Manufacturing Specialist at AntriaBio, Inc.
Omar Mendoza
Senior Scientist at AntriaBio, Inc.
Greg Corcoran
General Manager/Site Head at AntriaBio, Inc.

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