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Apeiron Center for Human Potential offers an integrated model that combines the scientific grounding and expertise of modern medicine, the latest cutting edge genetic/epigenetic science and the most advanced neuro and psychophysiological modalities to create a synergistic approach to infinitely expand human capacity. Human Potential Medicine is the new prototype of medicine. It is individualized, client focused and emphasizes maximizing health and going far beyond wellness to achieve a state of limitless human potential. Human Potential Medicine is a “human systems” approach that addresses the whole person rather than an isolated set of symptoms. Treatment regimens are based on cutting-edge genetic and epi-genetic science and the latest research is physiology, psychophysiology, biochemistry, brain/peak performance and positive psychology. Human Potential Medicine combines the most successful aspects of traditional Western medical practices with “alternative/integrative” medicine. It takes an evidence-based approach and builds on a strategic platform of optimizing seven foundational aspects of optimal health to establish a vibrantly healthy baseline. Once a certain level of health optimization has been achieved it is then possible to begin the transformation into limitless human potential. Lifestyle is the domain where transformation takes place and when healthy lifestyle choices are made often enough we activate our untapped limitless human potential and create life epically.

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Daniel Stickler M.D.
Co Founder for Apeiron Center for Human Potential | Medical Director of Neurohacker Collective at Apeiron Center for Human Potential
Julia Mills
Director of Sales and Marketing at Apeiron Center for Human Potential

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