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ACS Diagnostics is an industry leader of outpatient cardiac monitoring devices and innovation of Telemdicine. Since 1981, ACSD has been committed to designing, developing and manufacturing high quality cardiac devices. We continually strive to deliver innovative medical products to the cardiology community. As such, we have developed and received a US Patent on the only all-in-one ECG monitor available in the marketplace. Our CORE12 monitor streamlines all forms of ECG into one device using integrated cell phone transmission thus eliminating a gateway device. It is the first patented device in its class to combine 4 distinct cardiac modalities in a single phone unit. This Clinical Phone performs: -12 Lead EKG -24 Hour Holter monitor -14 Day Long Term Continuous ECG (record every beat) -30 Day Cardiac Event Monitor -Mobile Cardiac Telemetry (MCT) The integrated cell phone technology allows for immediate transmission and communication to our 24 hour laboratory (IDTF). The wave of the future is here and brought to physicians by ACS Diagnostics. We are currently developing for future release, the CORE12 patch in which the current devices' components will be miniaturized to fit into a wireless patch. We approach 40 years of longevity serving cardiologists, internists, and general practitioners. As a medical equipment manufacturer, we are proud to produce "Quality Products for Those Who Care."​ Please visit us at: for further information of what our future holds.

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