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Avotec designs, manufactures and sells specialized audio, visual, and eye tracking systems for use with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines. Avotec systems address the chronic patient comfort issues associated with MRI, as well as the need for stimulation systems used for functional brain mapping (fMRI). For more than two decades, Avotec innovations have introduced new tools for the rapidly changing MR world; the world’s only inert in-bore visual system, fiber optic subsystems, calibrated audio and visual systems, integrated patient communication, eye monitoring, as well as affordable audio and visual solutions. And Avotec’s design philosophy has resulted in the only MR accessory systems that are indistinguishable from background noise. Avotec’s products are renowned for their reliability. And Avotec’s technical support system is a standard for a busy and imperfect world. Avotec customers range from major OEMs to local imaging centers. Avotec has more than 3000 installations spanning the entire USA, as well as 30 other countries across 6 continents.

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