History A 40+ year history as a global leader specialty welding, weld overlay and repair technology services across the energy industry provides the foundation for AZZ Specialty Welding's culture of Teamwork, Respect, Accountability, Integrity, Trust and Safety. Philosophy Doing things the same old way is not a formula for exceeding the customer’s expectations. That’s why technology has been a key performance driver for the success of AZZ Specialty Welding. Technology, properly applied provides options and distinctive value during solution definition and implementation. The resulting benefits include enhanced safety, improved delivery to schedule and reduced risk with higher quality. That’s how AZZ exceeds it's customer’s expectations. Service Delivery Regional service delivery units have been created around the globe to efficiently fulfill service delivery as appropriate for any particular facility. Standardized processes and programs assure you of consistency and high value. Substantial resource depth delivered through our various regional units, planned and emergency response capabilities deliver distinctive value to AZZ customers. Unique Capabilities To fulfill this role, AZZ Specialty Welding has invested heavily in an infrastructure of People, Processes and Programs. Our talent base of advanced engineering provide the intellectual horsepower to adapt technology to many different steps in the analysis of problems, the development of repair design solutions, and the design of unique tooling to help our field implementation forces deliver benchmark quality and productivity. Standardization of many processes and programs, both internally and in the field has distinguished AZZ as the leader in safety, quality and productivity bench marking. Overlay, Weld Overlay, Specialty Welding, Coke Drum Repair, Cladding, Alloy Weld Overlay, Weld Repair, Membrane Welding, Automated Welding, Vessel Corrosion, Machine Welding, Vessel Overlay, Orbital Welding

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Refinery Corrosion Under Insulation Finite Element Analysis HP GTAW TIG Weld Overlay Orbital Welding Specialty Welding Coke Drum Repair High Alloy Welding Structural Weld Overlay Machine Welding Vessel Corrosion Repair Vessel Overlay Automation Corrosion Engineering Piping Coke Drums Delayed Coking Unit Cokers

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ben sessions
SR.Technogist Weld Engineering at Aquilex Corporation
Wes Rushing
Procurement Manager at AZZ | WSI LLC
Bryon Boone
Manager Materials, Logistics and Procurement at AZZ SMS LLC
Jeff Madill
Senior Engineer at AZZ | WSI LLC
Henny Bos
Finance Director Europe at AZZ WSI
Wladimir Castro
Managing Director at AZZ | WSI LLC
Suzanne Rice
Travel Consultant at AZZ | WSI LLC
Angie Piper
Branch Administrator at HydroChem
Michael Brons Pmp
Sr. Project Manager, Nuclear at AZZ | WSI LLC

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