Berger-Levrault, an international software publisher, supports private and public professionals in meeting the rising demands for increased performance and transformation of their businesses. With 51,000 clients and 1,900 employees in France, Spain, Canada, Morocco, Belgium and Italy, the Group works with local authorities and administrations, medico-social facilities, the hospital sector, companies, the industrial sector and the educational sector. Berger-Levrault's ambition is to provide its clients and their users with the great potential of digital technology through service platforms at a time of massive data openings and smart interfaces. In 2020, the Berger-Levrault Group (head office in Boulogne-Billancourt, Paris) achieved a turnover of €172 million, 20% of which was generated internationally.


Information Technology & Services


Editeur de progiciels Editeur de contenus réglementaires Prestataire de services Fournisseur de matériel, systèmes & réseaux hébergeur informatique éditeur de logiciels

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Nathalie Assoulant
Chargée de Marketing Direct at Berger-Levrault
Laurent Rabayrol
Directeur Activité Matériel et Services at Berger-Levrault
Laurent Drouillot
Directeur de Projet at Berger-Levrault
Chef de projets Applicatifs Grands Comptes at Berger Levrault
Yann Guyonnet
Business Unit Director at Berger-Levrault
Marie Lacombrade
directrice juridique at Berger Levrault
Tugdual Le Bouar
Chief Operating Officer at Berger-Levrault
Antoine Rouillard
Chief Operating Officer - Directeur Général Délégué aux Opérations at Berger-Levrault

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