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Bickford’s is one of Australia’s oldest and most treasured brands. Founded over 175 years ago we remain an Australian family owned and managed business, with our head office and operations centre based in Adelaide. Our proud history of premium cordials and other refreshing beverages began in 1839 in a small apothecary shop. From these humble beginnings, a truly great Australian icon has grown but our original values of integrity and quality remain true to this day. In our state-of-the-art operations centre a team of experts crafts unique and innovative cordials, juice, waters and syrups. Not only are they custodians of our traditional recipes, they continually work to excite and delight our customers with innovative and delicious beverages. Every Bickford’s product shows our commitment to excellence. Our products taste incredible, some offer functional health benefits and all contain the full flavour the world has come to expect from our iconic brand. Bickford’s is one of the few bottling companies in the world to have invested in sterile filtration technologies. This means that many of our products are considered natural in that they are free of preservatives and do not need to be pasteurised. As a beverage company, a vital ingredient in all our products is water. Naturally, purity is supremely important so we invested in a sophisticated water treatment plant that uses reverse osmosis technology. Before being used in our products all water passes through a series of filters to remove the impurities. Our final water product is pristine and can be legally labelled as ‘pure water’. The Aqua Pura website has more information about the filtration process. In our high-tech operations facility, we run a flexible 5-line production system able to fill many different bottle and container types at high speed. In conjunction with the 5-line system, we also run a PET packaging and filling plant. It can blow, decorate, fill and pack a range of still and hot PET bottles.


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Chris Illman
Group Marketing Manager - Bickfords Group of Companies at Bickfords Australia
Ben Adams
Queensland Sales Manager at Bickfords Australia
John Otter
National Business Manager / State Manager at Bickfords Australia
Marcus Woods
Operations Manager - Regional Sites at Bickfords Australia

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