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BJ Inspections, Inc. provides inspections and managerial services to the gas and oil industry. With diverse experience throughout the Appalachian Basin, BJI has worked on compressor stations, fractionation plants, extraction plants, storage facilities, pipelines and more. Our inspectors are educated, experienced and hard working. We abide by “a handshake and a promise – the forgotten contract.” There was a time when we didn’t need written agreements, only a person’s word and a firm handshake. At BJI, we believe that people still value the integrity and accountability symbolically exchanged with the shaking of hands. That’s why BJI prides itself on the trust and dependability that are at the core of all working relationships. For more information about BJI, visit our website,, or call our office at (814) 367-0419.

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Bill Johns
Coatings and Utility Inspector at BJ Inspections, Inc.

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