Central Florida Preparatory School


Central Florida Prep is a non-profit private secular school providing instruction from Pre-K through grade twelve. Our curriculum builds proficiency in higher order thinking skill, literacy, technology and computational and theoretical process, while nurturing artistic, physical and interpersonal development. CFP’s diverse student body fosters a broad understanding of the world in which we live and aids in the development of cooperative skills. We seek to teach our students computer uses and applications as tools for research, problem solving, design and communication. It is our goal to send our students into this rapidly changing world prepared and enthusiastic for the technological changes to come in their lifetimes. At CFP, we believe that our goal to educate our students is best carried our in an environment of mutual trust and caring where students are given the necessary tools, guidance and opportunities to develop independence and self-reliance. We believe that, to be complete, the sense of family fostered on our campus must include parents, and to that end we maintain effective and frequent oral and written communications and an “open door” policy. Central Florida Prep shares the responsibility with the parent for instilling positive values and a love of learning. At CFP, we accomplish this by providing a low student/teacher ratio, which allows a teacher to better understand how each student learns. Our small class sizes allow our teachers to individualize lesson plans, be more responsive to students’ needs, and to continually challenge them academically. Our goal is to ignite the full academic potential of every student.

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