CERN is a truly unique organisation. A genuine collaboration between countries, universities and scientists, driven not by profit margins, but by a commitment to create and share knowledge. People here are part of immense scientific discoveries, answering some of life’s most complex questions and pushing the boundaries of understanding. Experts from every field come here to share in this ambition and the nature of this collaborative, international community creates a genuine atmosphere of trust. People are free to work creatively and to trust in, and rely on, their colleagues across the organisation. History’s being made here – and the excitement is tangible, inspiring, overwhelming at times. It is the only place in the world that you can do this work in this way. --- If you’ve worked at CERN in the past, why not join the official CERN LinkedIn Alumni group, linked from this page.




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Alexandru Săvulescu
SCADA Systems Engineer at CERN
Michele Martino
Project Engineer - PhD at CERN
bruce marsh
Physicist at CERN
Alexander Kohls
Operations Manager SCOAP3 at CERN
David Widegren
Head of Asset & Maintenance Management at CERN
Robert Kieffer
CERN COFUND Fellowship at CERN
Johannes Gutleber
Scientific secretary at CERN
Vincent Bobillier
Electronics engineer at CERN

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