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Chief Executive Group improves the effectiveness of business leaders and inspires the free market system that fosters innovation, provides opportunity and ensures fairness for all. We accomplish this by providing real-world best practices, actionable analysis and meaningful peer interactions. Products include Chief Executive and Corporate Board Member magazines and related websites, the membership organization Chief Executive Network and events including the CEO of the Year Awards, Boardroom Summit, Smart Manufacturing Summit, CEO2CEO Summit and others. Business has been the most important factor in spreading human health and prosperity around the globe. By producing what people want and need in innovative ways, business satisfies our everyday demands, creates jobs, raises standards of living, extends lifespans and more. It requires that we improve mobility for all Americans, eliminate crony capitalism and root out abuses that threaten the integrity and fairness of the free market system. Business leaders are the cornerstones of a fair free enterprise system, and we help them do their jobs better, expand opportunity and ensure fairness to the benefit of their customers, employees, shareholders and themselves.

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Wayne Cooper
Executive Chairman, Chief Executive Group and CEO, The Chief Executive Network at Chief Executive Group, LLC
Gabriella Kallay
DIRECTOR, BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT I Manufacturing & Supply Chain I Economic Development at Chief Executive Group
J. Donlon
Editor-in-Chief Emeritus at Chief Executive magazine
Marc Richards
Director of Business Development at Chief Executive Group

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