Composite Technology International, Inc.


With a long lineage of developing cutting edge products that can change the face and construct of any millwork design, CTI has escalated industry standards to a new level of excellence while managing to provide a diverse product line that is suitable for any market to benefit from their quality and reliability. This doesn’t occur overnight. It happens over years of research, development and the leadership of four generations of manufacturing building materials. CTI takes a hands on detailed approach to insure all products are produced with a “quality first” attitude. Because in a day and age where product lines and supply can come and go, CTI knows that their legacy will stand the test of time by exceeding the “standard” and the “norm”. This includes bringing the most talented and knowledgeable experts in the industry to the company to serve the customers they have come to know as family and friends. For CTI...quality isn’t just another word. It’s a literal way of life. Because Quality Matters.

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