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The apostle Paul was pivotal in bringing the gospel to the Gentiles throughout the Roman world, and he did it by being a tent maker. He used business to fund the mission. Every tent he made and sold helped push his ministry, all while serving others in a very tangible way. David C Cook uses the same business model. Every life-changing resource we sell here in first world countries allows us to equip the local church in second and third world countries, spreading the gospel across the world. All the while, the books, curriculum, and music we publish produce real life-change in the lives of Christians. Every life-changing resource we produce has a double benefit: changing lives here through quality content and changing lives abroad by coming alongside local church leaders and providing culturally relevant products and programs. Mission Statement To equip the church with Christ-centered resources for the making and teaching of disciples who obediently transform today’s generations. Biblical Statement of Purpose “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations …” (Matt. 28:19). David C Cook Biblical Statement of Purpose “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations …” (Matt. 28:19). David C Cook Global Statement of Purpose Every time you purchase a David C Cook resource, you help equip ministry leaders around the world, especially in places of hardship, where they’re working to meet desperate needs in their communities. As a nonprofit ministry, we invest proceeds from every purchase—along with 100 percent of every donation—to reach across borders, languages, and cultures. Your support is helping make disciples in more than 140 countries, including places in Africa, India, and Latin America. Learn more at www.DavidCCook.org.

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Michele Baird
Marketing Director | Learning Resources Group at David C. Cook
Gary Roncketti
Macintosh/PrePress Specialist at David C. Cook
David Bervig
Vice President, Global Human Resources at David C. Cook
Robin Mast
Major Account Rep at David C. Cook
Chriscynethia Floyd
Vice President Sales Marketing at David C. Cook
Gary Hopwood
Chief Global Officer at David C. Cook
Dave Thornton
Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at David C. Cook
Tim MacDonald
Chief Advancement Officer at David C. Cook
Amy Konyndyk
Director Creative Services at David C. Cook

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