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DCI Group is an independent public affairs firm specializing in strategic communications, coalition management, ally engagement, media relations, and digital advocacy. We employ a campaign-style approach to execute a winning strategy for your legislative, regulatory and communications battles. We help our clients develop their strongest messages, reframe conversations, and recruit like-minded friends and allies to amplify their position. PUBLIC AFFAIRS Policy matters. You want to be advocating for sound policies that promote the public good, not just your own. And today, politics matter more than ever. In today’s hyper-political, hyper-partisan environment, you can’t afford to get the politics of an issue wrong. One bad event can ricochet across the Internet and do untold damage before you even have time to react. At DCI Group our job is to help prepare our clients for any circumstance. We’ll help you get your policy goals over the finish line; and we’ll design strategies to protect you from regulatory, political, and reputational harm. STRATEGIC COMMUNICATIONS It all starts with research and messaging. Original research that helps inform and frame your issue – and your opposition – correctly; consumer research to understand what people are thinking, and how they react to certain words and concepts; and knowledge about what will be most impactful for specific policy-makers. It’s our job to help ensure that your story is told on your terms and to the right people for maximum impact. ACTIVATION Policy-makers are more attuned to their constituents than ever before, in large part due to the ubiquitous nature of online communication and social media. Sometimes you’ll need quantity – a large volume of constituent input designed to make a specific point. Other times a handful of very-high quality contacts from local, influencers will do the job. Ensuring the appropriate input from the right people can help ensure you win.

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