Digital Garage


Digital Garage is an Internet group located in Tokyo Japan. Our group creates innovative digital contexts combining our core competencies in IT (Information Technology), MT (Marketing Technology) and FT (Financial Technology.) The DG Group subsidiaries operate projects in the three categories: Hybrid solutions, Media Incubation, and Venture Incubation.


Information Technology & Services


FinTech Blockchain AI BioHealth Security VR/AR internet IT incubation marketing social media payment online/offline promotion

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Yasuhiro Kobayashi
Global Incubation Dept, business Development at Digital Garage
Takaya Takeuchi
Senior Operation Officer at Digital Garage, Inc.
Osamu Tanaka
IT Support Engineer at Digital Garage
Athena Moay Kihara
Public Relations Specialist, GCEO's Office at Digital Garage
Yasu Mimura (三村泰弘)
執行役員 Executive Officer at Digital Garage
Tomoya Sasaki
Senior Operating Officer, Head of CEO's Office at Digital Garage
Tatsuhiro Okuno
Group CEO Office Executive Producer at Digital Garage
Kalle Alm
Software Developer at Digital Garage
Katsunobu TOMOSADA
Member of theBoard (at WHEEL inc.) at Digital Garage
Ogawa Tomohide
Head of Information Systems Strategy Office at Digital Garage

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