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It's bigger than the pizza. A lot of pizza makers tell you that it's all about the pizza. At Donatos, we disagree. So while we certainly go to great lengths to make delicious pizza of the highest quality, we think our job is bigger than that. It's to enhance the experience of getting together with family, friends and coworkers. It's to enrich people's lives and their relationships with one another. It's to build community. It's to think about people first - with Donatos pizza as a means to a bigger, and much more fulfilling end. Donatos is a family-owned pizza company with more than 150 locations in six states. Founded in Columbus, Ohio in 1963, we take pride in our family business in every community we serve. At Donatos, Every piece is important.®

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Mark Reed
Executive Director of Purchasing & Supply Chain at Donatos Pizza
Michael Walter
General Manager at Donatos
Maureen G. Lovell
Director of Administration at Donatos
Michele Lyons
Vice President, People Services at Donatos Pizza
Matthew Coy
Vice President Of Technology at Donatos Pizza
Alan Hoover
General Manager at Donatos
Supply Chain Manager at Donatos Pizza
Billy Donatos
General Manager at Donatos
Cheryl Bergsman
Vice President Operations at Donatos Pizza
Cynthia Ottavio
Director, Research and Development at Donatos

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