At Dulsco, we have a singular ambition - to help power better communities. Communities that span those of industry and government, business and residential. Communities that make the region tick, and represent the lifeblood of the economy. Our people & managed solutions help bolster business productivity with people trained to add value and drive improved performance, streamlining processes and creating cost & operational efficiencies. We invest in our staff in a way that means they’re at their best and most productive, from continuous upskilling, generous accommodation & sporting events, to gyms, medical clinics & industry-leading health & safety practices that ensure their health and well-being. Our environmental solutions support sustainable, clean communities, with industrial cleaning and waste collection, through to recovery and recycling, accompanied by educational initiatives aimed at driving awareness of more sustainable practice. And we’re working to support broader community and sustainability goals through energy recovery from waste and expertise in hazardous waste management. In healthcare, our clinics ensure a workforce community that is healthy, happy & well. And our home solutions offer the benefit of our long-held reputation for quality & care in the form of convenient business and home repair & maintenance. Innovative, end-to-end solutions from a home-grown company that’s focused on better outcomes for business, society and government. A team with the drive & unrivalled experience to achieve them. Caring for the people and resources that are the engine of prosperity, we’re helping to power better communities and better outcomes for all.

United Arab Emirates

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Dharan Muthulingam
Manager - Airport and Cargo Operations at Dulsco
Aruna Narayanan
Head - Environmental Solutions Strategic Initiatives at Dulsco

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