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Epson is a global leader in imaging technologies. We make things that help people and businesses see the world a little differently. This page is managed by Epson Europe B.V., the European headquarters of the Seiko Epson Corporation, and the company behind the global Epson brand. We’ve created an array of award-winning products for consumer, business, government, medical, finance and retail markets across the world. Our factories, based across the globe, manufacture a range of products that includes printers, scanners, projectors, point-of-sale terminals, smart glasses, GPS sports monitors, heart rate activity monitors and industrial robots. Epson is a Japanese brand that evolved from Seiko – best known as one of the world’s foremost watchmakers. In 1968, we launched the EP-101, the world’s smallest and first digital printer, from which the name Epson, the son of the EP was born. We’ve continued innovating ever since, and now we’re one of the best-selling and most innovative brands in just about every market in which we operate. This page deals with our businesses in Europe, Middle East and Africa. Sister companies within our group manage their own pages to cater for other regions. We constantly strive to create innovative products that are reliable, recyclable and energy efficient because at Epson, we know that planning for the future requires a strong commitment to the environment. All of Epson’s European activities are geared towards achieving the goals set out in our Environmental Vision 2050 plan, and we are always happy to hear constructive ideas on how we can deliver those commitments and more.

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Dennis Langdon
Marketing Associate at Epson UK Ltd
Sarah Crea
Sales Administrator at Epson UK Ltd
Michelle Neve
Channel Marketing Manager at Epson UK Ltd
Mark Rosindell
Manager Business Management at Epson UK Ltd
Peter Silcock
Business Manager, Business Imaging at Epson UK Ltd
Vicky Hanks
National Account Manager - Grocery at Epson UK Ltd
Anthony McShane
Budget and Reporting Manager EMEAR at Epson UK Ltd
Paul Wilson
Business Manager at Epson UK Ltd
Gayle Taylor
End User Account Manager Scotland at Epson UK Ltd
Business Development Manager at Epson UK Ltd

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