Our obsession from day one has been and is to see the unseen. Processes are making or breaking businesses at this very moment. The challenge is to know where, when, how and by how much. Everseen solves this with it’s proprietary AI timi.ai platform which can see processes in real-time and enables process shaping by influencing human behaviour to achieve optimal performance. The technology is a combination of advanced machine learning, computer vision and neural networks driving Human Centric AI automation. www.everseen.com


Information Technology & Services


Retail Intelligence - Point of Sale Video Intelligence Non Scanning Detection at Point of Sale Automated Profit Protection Solutions Gross MArgin - Fix, Protect, Enhance

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Joe Allen
Chief Information Officer at Everseen
Jonathan Burke
Overseas Operations Director at Everseen Limited
Rafael Alegre
Managing Director at Everseen Limited
Marta Juez
Global Logistics Manager at Everseen Limited

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