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GCI Canada is an agency of idea architects, and a Canadian leader in the public relations industry. We've all seen great ideas built on bad foundations. An idea always seems great in the mind of its inventor–it is only in execution when a great idea becomes a grand reality. And if it is not built correctly in the real world, even the best idea will collapse into dust. That's why great ideas need idea architects–those who design and build creative brilliance, through brilliant execution. In the words of Frank Lloyd Wright, "every great architect is necessarily a great poet. They must be a great original interpreter of their time, their day, their age."​ That's where exceptional idea architecture comes from–execution that matches the challenges you face and the reality you operate within. We deliver executional excellence in putting ideas into action. And we respect three ancient principles, the triad of masterwork architecture: Solid, or firmitas: We start with a sturdy foundation–a solid strategy rich with insights upon which we can build an integrated approach. Useful, or utilitas: As we build integrated, customized solutions, we design them to hit the nail on the head of your problems. Beauty, or venustas: We design those solutions with storytelling in mind, inspiring emotional engagement from the audiences that matter to you.


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Alex Szabados
Digital Strategist at GCI Canada
Amanda Federchuk
Senior Consultant at GCI Canada
Lisa (Perruzza) Yerilin
Director, Consumer Lifestyle at GCI Canada

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