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Leveraging a product development and manufacturing history that spans more than 125 years, Gentex Corporation is a global leader in providing innovative protective gear solutions that enhance personal protection and situational awareness for global defense forces, emergency responders, and industrial personnel operating in high performance environments. Our portfolio includes protective solutions sold under the Gentex, Ops-Core, and PureFlo brands. Gentex delivers high performance flight equipment to meet the evolving challenges and requirements of aircrew and aircraft maintainers, including helmet systems and capability upgrades. Ops-Core provides a comprehensive portfolio of headborne protection, situational awareness, high performance optics, and respiratory protection for elite defense, law enforcement, and security forces. PureFlo powered air purifying respirators deliver next-generation all-in-one protection for a range of industrial workers in light to heavy duty environments. Our investment in our state-of-the-art in-house design and engineering, manufacturing, and testing facilities allow us to provide world-class solutions to our customers. As leaders in research and development, we are focused on continuously advancing design, performance, and protection, our products deliver a comprehensive set of integrated capabilities to support the diverse mission or job requirements of our customers. We are committed to not just meeting product requirements, but pushing them forward. Our multiple awards and contracts, such as our re-awarded USSOCOM contract, Air Force OTA Agreement, ALEP Daytime Spectacle Contract, and more are a testament to the high quality of our products and our commitment to providing next generation protection. Learn more about Gentex: Learn more about Ops-Core: Learn more about PureFlo:

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Ballistic, blunt-force head trauma, hearing, CBRN, respiratory, eye, and face protection; communications; visual acuity; IFF Identification; NV, and power & data integration; composite materials; signature management; situational awareness; testing. Ballistic Protection Blunt Force Head Trauma Protection CBRN Protection Eye Protection & Visual Acuity Face Protection Hearing Protection & Communications IFF Night Vision Integration Power Integration Respiratory Protection Signature Management Situational Awareness Large Capacity Manufacturing Rapid Prototyping Design & Engineering Testing Optics

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Thomas Davison
Production Supervisor at GENTEX CORP.
Guy Kendall
Sr Design Engineer at Gentex
Gary Patterson
Industrial Engineer - Continuous Improvement Lead at Gentex Corporation
James Montenegro
Purchasing manager at Gentex
Matthew Hanudel
Product Designer at Gentex
Tim Tyler
Corporate Director of Human Resources at Gentex
Ed Sparrow
Richard Dellar
Chief Commercial Officer at Gentex
LP Frieder
President at Gentex
Megan Lacy
Design Engineer at Gentex

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