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Grey London is a creative company on a mission to make a different shape of work, partnering with the world’s most ambitious brands to play a meaningful role in culture. At its heart, Grey London is an open, vibrant collaboration of over 400 people who look at the world in a different way. We know that sometimes the best advertising doesn’t look like advertising at all. So, we make products (Volvo Lifepaint), buildings (Lucozade Sports Condition Zones), Apps (Comic Relief Swear Jar) and Christmas albums (Hyrrs not Hymns). Our culture makes this kind of work possible. We call it Open. Open isn’t about one way of doing things; it’s about doing things in the way that works best for each client. No hierarchy, ego, or that old-school advertising ball and chain, sign off. Because we believe that none of us are as smart as all of us. For far too long our industry has looked the same: the same people, the same backgrounds, the same way of doing things. We want that to change because we know the more diverse we are, the more powerful our ideas will be. So, last year to mark Grey’s centenary year, we launched the Diversity Taskforce; a programme bringing together businesses from across the industry to pool resources, talent and energy to find effective solutions. We also run our own initiatives including collecting some of the most in-depth diversity data in British business, running a 100 nationwide outreach programme for schools, providing a bursary for low social mobility talent and running a diversity mentoring scheme. We're looking for talented people to join us as we work with some of the largest, most influential and most ambitious companies and brands in the world, including P&G, GSK, M&S, HSBC, Volvo, Vodafone, McVities, Lucozade, Emirates and Tuborg.

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Hannah Simister
Executive Assistant at GREY London
Cristyn Bevan
Operations & Business Director at GREY London
Lucy Kozak
Account Director at Grey London
Jeremy Poole
Global Planning Partner at Grey London
Alexandra Wrigley
Content Strategy Director at Grey London
Sarah Hempstead
Group Business Director at Grey London
Sophie Critchley
Account Director at Grey London
James Jarman
Account Manager at GREY London
Caroline Whitmey
Head of Event Marketing at Grey London

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