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Long-standing player in retail distribution in France since 1898, Casino Group is also one of the world leaders in food retail with over 11,172 stores in the world in France and in Latin America, with a turnover of 34.6 Billion Euros. It has built a portfolio of strong identity brands which evolve alongside their customers and fulfil the expectations of each and every customer. Its vision of the future of retail is clear: it makes the most of technology to revolutionize the purchasing experience without dehumanizing the store, and it relies on its pioneering role in e-commerce to get ahead and take up the new food e-commerce challenge. Finally, its new BtoB service activities, which are currently in full development, offer great opportunities for growth. Long committed to a realistic sustainable development approach, the Group aims at improving its impact on climate and redirecting consumption towards a more responsible and sustainable model. It’s its responsibility as retailer and the pride of its teams.




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Eric Souny
Deputy Chief Financial Officer at Groupe Casino
Vincent Liautaud
Directeur Métier Flux & Logistique (IT Dpt) at Groupe Casino
Marie Guiroy
Acheteur / Chef de produit at Groupe Casino
Magdaléna Perez
Acheteuse / Chef de Produits Multimédia at Groupe Casino
Baptiste Hanoteau
Directeur des Achats & des Approvisionnements - Fruits & Légumes, Fleurs & Plantes at Groupe Casino
Romain P.
Chief Financial Officer at Groupe Casino / Codim2
Yannick Bot
Directeur des opérations commerciales, de la fidélisation clients et des études at Groupe Casino
Charlotte Izabel
Investor Relations & Financial Communication Manager at Groupe Casino
André Petat
IT Director - Franchised Hypermarkets and Supermarkets at Casino France
Regine Gaggioli
Head of Financial Communication and Investor Relations at Groupe Casino

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