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We are Harry Fairclough, a North West and Yorkshire based contractor with over 100 years in the business, building working, living and learning environments since 1898. The company operates in building and civil engineering divisions with each drawing on core group services for Health and Safety, Environmental, Accounting, Procurement, Business Development etc and with specialist professionals in key management roles. From our base in Warrington the company works extensively within the public sector and the vast majority of our work is within occupied properties in areas of education, health, public office administrative centres, interfacing with customers, end users, the public and other stakeholders. Our Civil Engineering division works mainly within large existing processing facilities where it is essential our customers are able to continue their business undisturbed by construction activities. We maintain our 'family firm'​ ethos and our priority is to build and support a strong expert team who share our core values of quality and integrity.

United Kingdom



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