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Founded as a media company by Houston Harte in 1923, Harte Hanks has always been right there in the hands of the consumer, observing and learning why people do the things they do. With an average employee tenure of 10 years and an average client tenure of 12 years, we’ve always had our partners’ backs, helping them navigate the consumer marketing landscape. Today’s consumer operates in real-time behavior, discovering, buying and advocating with the flow of the feed. The lines between home, work and away are gone—we work at home, shop at work and connect everywhere we go. Businesses must be ready and able to respond to this force of instant behavior. At Harte Hanks we’re building a modern behavioral marketing company, marrying our data-driven understanding of human behavior with a seamless connection to the consumer. Through digital, direct, sampling, fulfillment and customer care, we manage a full consumer experience that shortens the distance between behavior and action.

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Aaron Ludwig
Vice President B2B and Technology Markets at Harte Hanks
Rey Albert de Peralta
eLearning Content Developer at Harte Hanks
Patty Bevens
Dealer Services Group/Mercedes at Harte Hanks
Adi Clark
Head of Analysis at Harte Hanks
Alex Gill
Senior Director at Harte Hanks
Frank Gomez
Operations Manager at Harte Hanks
Nick Stonhouse
Analysis Lead (Contract) at Harte Hanks
Drew Reddel
Client Solutions Manager at Harte Hanks
Pamela Donato
Senior HR Manager at Harte Hanks
Matthew Fenning
Senior Business Analyst at Harte Hanks

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