Hydraram B.V.


Hydraram is designing, manufacturing and selling hydraulic attachments for excavators from 1 up to 250 ton used in the demolition and recycling industry, such as: - Hydraulic hammers - Multishears with changeable jaws - Concrete shears - Steel/scrap shears - Combi shears - Fixed pulverizers - Hydraulic rotating pulverizers - Demolition & sorting grabs - Screening buckets - Crushing buckets - Excavator mounted magnets - Pile drivers - Recycling tools We have production facilities in Holland, Germany, Italy, Japan and South Korea Our main markets are Europe, Middle East and Northern Africa. We distribute our products through a Worldwide distribution network. Hydraram B.V. is a subsidairy of Demolition Technology Europe. Dealer inquiries welcome!



Hydraulic Hammers Concrete Shears Steel/Scrap shears Combi Shears Multi Shears Fixed Pulverizers Hydraulic Rotating Pulverizers Demolition & Sorting Grabs Screening Buckets Crushing Buckets

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