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Our vision is simple, we are focused on helping loan officers grow their business. Most of the loan officers that join our company have experienced at least one of these common frustrations that have limited their growth. If any of the following frustrations resonate with you, let’s have a conversation soon. Promise #1: We will help you break a cycle of inconsistent production.
 We’ve created a system that provides massive levels of support so that loan officers can focus on what actually creates business. Gone are the days of sending disclosures, gathering documents, and clearing conditions. Our system is designed to help loan officers break the cycle of inconsistent production.

 Promise #2: We will help you grow beyond a production plateau.
 Loan officers grow in a predictable way – there are no 5 million dollar-per-month producers that don’t know their guidelines like the back of their hand and have a perfectly defined process for their client and referral partner interactions. Every loan officer is at a different place in their personal growth – our coaching is one-on-one and designed to meet you where you are and give you a roadmap to help you get to where you want to be. Our coaching system is unique and proprietary, it is not something that is found or sold anywhere else. Our in-house tools are designed to accelerate your growth!

 Promise #3: Low rates, always.
 Sometimes your rates are just too high, and despite what your production manager is telling you, you both know that makes a difference. Our business model is built on a foundation designed to deliver competitive rates all year long. We’d love to compare a handful of scenarios to show you how aggressive our rates really are.
 The loan officers that join Integrity First Lending come here to grow! If you feel like you are capable of more than what you are currently producing, let’s have a conversation and see if our team could be a good fit. NMLS #1006977

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