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Intel’s mission is to shape the future of technology to help create a better future for the entire world. By pushing forward in fields like AI, analytics and cloud-to-edge technology, Intel’s work is at the heart of countless innovations. From major breakthroughs like self-driving cars and rebuilding the coral reefs, to things that make everyday life better like blockbuster effects and improved shopping experiences — they’re all powered by Intel technology. With a career at Intel, you have the opportunity to help make the future more wonderful for everyone. Join us.

United States

Semiconductors, Electrical & Electronic Manufacturing, Computer Hardware


semiconductor design and manufacturing artificial intelligence autonomous driving non-volatile memory solutions

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John Oldfield
Technical Marketing Engineer at Intel Corporation
Alex Gurevich
Logic Design Engineer at Intel Corporation
Roma Arellano
Human Resources Learning & Development Manager at Intel Corporation
Basavaraj Goudar
Engineering Manager - Wireless Connectivity Solutions at Intel Corporation
Richard Bersamin
Technical Training Engineer at Intel Corporation
Daniel Holmlund
Software Evangelist at Intel
David Todd
Manufacturing Manager at Intel Corporation

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