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Inview has over 15 years of TV industry expertise and offers a wide range of interactive broadcast and IP services for pay TV operators, broadcasters and government bodies. Its lightweight client software is globally deployed across Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas. Inview’s cost-effective OTT TV platform seamlessly blends linear broadcast and OTT content in one user interface to deliver a compelling user experience and enables operators to better monetise content. It has also created a content management system (CMS) that integrates with an operator’s existing delivery equipment, back end and billing systems, using intuitive web based consoles. For lower end set-top boxes or areas with limited broadband, Inview offers a broadcast push-VOD, catch up TV and PVR solution, with content cached on local storage for later consumption. Operators are able to monetise the digital TV proposition by deploying revenue generating interactive services and integrating advertising directly into the EPG and VOD app as well as giving a true entry level offering to their subscribers. As Internet services improve, Inview can easily upgrade each user with an over-the-air update to offer connected functionality. Inview can also provide additional services, such as multiscreen, search and recommendations. Inview´s innovative turnkey solution enables rapid service deployment of a wide range of services including Advertising, VOD, Content Discovery, Audience Measurement and has the ability to upgrade set-top boxes in the field - creating a unified UI and branding across all products.

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