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For international companies starting or already operating in Latin America, it can be quite trying to deal with a different culture, laws and language. Having your accounting, tax, assurance & audit services and labor issues under control is an important component of your success. At JA Del Rio we help with these and other issues with a comprehensive, practical approach. Our services By taking on a global perspective while dealing with our client’s accounting, tax and labor questions, we are able to adapt to your company’s specific needs, thus making unfamiliar procedures and obligations more straightforward. In order to remain at the forefront and provide outstanding service to our clients we have different certifications such as: •ISAE 3402 • ISO 27001 (Information Security) • KYC* (Thomson Reuters) We check our clients in the main lists of international restrictions such as money laundering and terrorism. International clientele We serve a broad range of clients across many different industries, such as electronics, software, automobile, agri-business, real estate, etc. By focusing on mostly international clients and on companies looking to internationalize themselves, we are able to specialize our training and our procedures to dealing with the different issues a foreign company may encounter.


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Silvia Hernandez
Gerente DE Finanzas at JA DEL RIO
Bernie Del Rio
Managing Partner at J.A. Del Rio
Julieta Vela
Asistente Asociados at JA DEL RIO
Cesar Alatorre
Supervisor Fiscal at JA DEL RIO
Silvia Hernandez
Gerente DE Finanzas at JA DEL RIO
Alvaro Quezada
Gerente Finanzas at JA Del Rio
Karen Plascencia
analista de capacitacion y comunicación at JA DEL RIO

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