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Each year, more than 35,000 students find the college experience they want at Joliet Junior College, the nation's first public community college. Some are looking for their first career; others, their next career. Some want to be chefs or prosthetics professionals or veterinarians, others want to be journalists or accountants or musicians. Still others are undecided. Some want to learn game design, fire science or automotive technology; others, hospitality management, horticulture or nursing. Many transfer on to four-year institutions, while others go directly into the workforce. Almost everyone works part time or full time. The programs are varied, comprehensive and high quality. JJC students are equally diverse in their interests, backgrounds and ages. But they have one thing in common: they all want to get ahead. With the help of a variety of programs, small classes, convenient locations, and welcoming faculty and support staff, they find the college that will get them there: JJC.

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Pat Van Duyne
Director of Facility Services at Joliet Junior College
Steve McCormick
Executive Board Member, JUAC Faculty Union, Illinois Education Association (IEA) at Joliet Junior College
Michael Fitzpatrick
Employment & Onboarding Coordinator at Joliet Junior College
Natalie Maggitt Msm Phr
Recruitment/EEO Diversity Manager at Joliet Junior College

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