kubik creates the environments where real connections are made, producing the experiences where a message and a community emotionally converge. We are a team of creative, experienced, strategic, collaborative, solution finders shaping brand stories into custom-made, three-dimensional and virtual experiences. With world-wide capabilities, kubik has been producing experiences and environments for events, corporate, retail and trade show programs, for Fortune 500 companies and global brands for almost 40 years. https://twitter.com/thinkubik https://www.facebook.com/Kubik/ https://www.instagram.com/thinkubik/

United States

Marketing & Advertising


Virtual Events Creative Strategy Event Production Fabrication Project Management Permanent Installation Design Development and Production of Exhibits Events and Environments

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Hoss Gifford
Chief Technology Officer at kubik
Michael Greene
Managing Director at kubik
Christine Picheca
Director of Marketing at kubik
Alisha Williams
Vice President - Business Development at kubik
Rob Minderman
creative director at Kubik
Elliot K.
COO/Principal at Kubik,
Stephanie Schnitzer
Corporate Account Manager at Kubik
Paul Blasutti
Senior Project Director at kubik
Lana Kelly
Senior I&D/Services Coordinator at Kubik

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