La Banque Postale


La Banque Postale is a ‘bank like no other’ driven by the post office values of local presence and service. As heir to La Poste Financial Services, it is the only bank to have been tasked with a mission to provide access to banking services under the law introduced to modernise the French economy in 2008. Accessible, straightforward, local, transparent, useful, substantial and supportive… La Banque Postale is the bank for everyone : nearly half of the French population has at least one of the Bank’s products. It serves more 10 million active personal customers and 475,000 business customers. More and more customers join La Banque Postale every day, attracted by its commitment to build a long-term relationship with each individual on the basis of sound advice and trust. This trust is earned and strengthened on a day-to-day basis by the Bank’s teams working in post offices, financial centres, subsidiary companies and central services departments. Because it is a ‘bank like no other’, La Banque Postale puts the interest of its customers above all other considerations at the heart of its organisational structure. Being a ‘bank like no other’ means being useful by offering a range of no-frills products and services tailored to meet the essential needs of all customers at affordable prices. It also means supporting everyone in achieving their life goals, offering everyday financial management products and delivering a more comfortable life with real peace of mind.




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Eric Bajus
Chef de projet Sécurité at La Banque Postale
Sophie Bayle
Directrice de Territoire at La Banque Postale/ La Poste
Dominique HECKEL
Head of Long Term Funding at La Banque Postale
Murielle Gossard
Conseillère clientèle at La Banque Postale
florence lewden
Attachée commercial/ Conseillière Banquaire at La Banque Postale
Halima Chouari
Project Manager on Business Continuity Plan at La Banque Postale
Pierre-Vivien Journot
Network/Security Engineer at La Banque Postale
Marie-Hélène Rochotte
Responsable Projet Production at La Banque Postale
Philippe Giraud
Directeur Commercial Patrimonial at La Banque Postale

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