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Landal GreenParks is a market leader in the field of holiday resort management, operation and rentals. Landal GreenParks has over 85 resorts offering a total of almost 15,000 holiday accommodation. With 55 resorts in the Netherlands, Landal GreenParks occupies the first place of Dutch providers of holiday resort. Outside the national borders, Landal GreenParks has resorts in Germany, Belgium, Denmark, England, Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Republic and Hungary. Seven resorts have camping plots with a total of more than 1,350 camping pitches. Approximately 3,000 employees work at Landal GreenParks. The organization distinguishes itself from other suppliers by the open nature of the resorts. The concepts of peace, space and nature are the resorts'​ main characteristics and also the most important motives why guests chose for Landal GreenParks. Learn more about our company


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Jeffrey Von Kriegenbergh
Teammanager Business Line ai. at Landal GreenParks
Martin Bull
Food and Beverage Manager at Landal GreenParks
Susanne Maas-Kaiser
Sustainabilty Coordinator at Landal GreenParks
Ronald Raidt
Manager Marketing & Sales Netherlands at Landal GreenParks
Simone Lopulisa
Online en social media at Landal GreenParks
Alfred Broere
Manager Financial Systems at Landal GreenParks
Tanja Roeleveld
Manager Sustainability at Landal GreenParks

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