Life Scientific


Specialising in the development and registration of crop protection products, Life Scientific Ltd is located on the UCD campus at NovaUCD, the innovation hub of Ireland’s largest University. Together with our partner InVivo, France’s largest co-op group (€5.7bn sales; 8,800 employees worldwide), we are expanding our R&D pipeline to support our global growth. Our goal is to give our customers better options to meet their plant protection needs. We can do this by being first to market with an off-patent alternative, or by designing innovative versions of current off-patents. Our goal is to be the most successful innovator of crop protection products ever. Everything we do supports this goal – scientifically and commercially. Our company culture is based on shared leadership and coupling responsibility to expertise, creating a flexible, collaborative environment for a uniquely productive and enjoyable work experience. Our scientists navigate complex organic and analytical chemistry and regulatory requirements to develop optimised formulations. Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. Our holistic approach and smart working practices ensure our products stand up to the most rigorous scientific and regulatory standards. So if it’s under the Life Scientific brand you can be confident it’s as effective as the current leading standards in the market, if not better.




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