We are a true product of innovation. Created 20 years ago to meet the new demand for outsourcing and more recently cloud computing solutions, we have an optimistic and dynamic view of technology and its proven benefits for the way we work, collaborate and live. In this ever-changing world, the strategic transformation of businesses cannot be achieved without the development, management and security of a powerful and personalized digital infrastructure. While invisible to all, it is undeniable that an optimal digital infrastructure has become indispensable to the growth and survival of businesses and organizations.


Information Technology & Services


DevOps Cloud Managed services IT Security Governance Consuting Conseil IT IT Modernization 24/7 Services Software Infogérance (impartition), services gérés, hébergement Cloud Management Platform disponibilité Containers e-commerce, gestion d’applications ITIL Architecture management ISO 20001 gouvernance, conseil, sécurité Cybersecurity architecture de plateformes. SOC Cloud Computing, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS Managed Cloud Managed performance Managed application Managed Containers

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Florent Kambire
SQL Server Expert and Advisor at Linkbynet
Caroline Le Bigot
Chief Operating Officer at Linkbynet
aurelie renouard
Responsable d'equipe supervision et sauvegarde at LINKBYNET
Johnny Da Silva
Cloud Division Director at LINKBYNET
Cyril Klepper
Responsable des Partenariats at Linkbynet
Stephane Kattoor
Architecte système et applicatif at Linkbynet
eric mansa
Responsable technique système et application intégration ww at LINKBYNET
Marie-Charlotte Colin
Recruitment and Training Manager at Linkbynet
Benjamin Detroye
Global Solution and Marketing Director at LINKBYNET GROUP
Isabelle Andricque
Responsable juridique at Linkbynet

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