LLBCO/Leon Berkowitz Co. is a third-generation family-run business specializing in the custom design and manufacture of in-store merchandising, point of purchase / point of use displays, retail packaging and fulfillment. With over a 114-year heritage built on innovation, insight into consumer trends, and expertise in category and retail branding, we partner with our clients to design and create brand-consistent displays that help their products stand out--increasing visibility, customer engagement, and sales. A full-service company with the agility and professional relationships to manufacture domestically or overseas using a variety of techniques ranging from interactive video to woodworking and metalworking, we have the flexibility to tailor the process and product to each client’s needs, timelines, and budget. Founded by Leon Berkowitz in 1905, LLBCO/Leon Berkowitz Co. remains one of the longest-running point of purchase display manufacturers in the country because of our commitment to building trusted client relationships where we consistently exceed expectations in quality and service. We combine that consistency of quality with excitement in meeting each new challenge that arises as the retail landscape continues to evolve. With creativity, passion, and the same pioneering spirit that has made LLBCO/Leon Berkowitz Co. a mainstay in the industry, we look forward to working with you to grow your in-store visibility and product sales.

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Point of Purchase Displays, In-Store Merchandising, Packaging, Interactive Video Displays, Category & Retail Branding, Strategic Consulting, Display Design, Display Manufacturing, Product Marketing, Point of Use Equipment.

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John B. Long
Owner & Managing Director | Sales & Client Relationships | Design & Manufacture of POP Displays at LLBCO/LEON L BERKOWITZ COMPANY

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