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Marcielo is an Innovation and Digital Design company. We develop innovative models for companies whose business models & value chains are affected by the rapid, sometimes disruptive development of interactive electronic media. Our main activities are innovation management & consulting, design & development of digital prototypes, their implementation and the support of our customers in the lauch of innovative services in the market. Services o Innovation (Digital Prototyping) The focus of our activities is the process of innovation. We develop innovative models and create digital artifacts for our customers. We rely on both traditional research methods and pools of experts as well as on heuristic methods of incremental and rapid prototyping. o Business Development Based on our models of innovation we support new and established companies in the development and optimization of business processes. We assist our customers in the technological, social and economic implementation of digital artifacts and as an external Innovation Lab we support the clients in the market launch and beyond. o Art & Design Excellent Design is an essential component of success in the commercialization of innovative products and services. That is why we focus on the creative development of innovative models and work closely with a network of Designers and Artists.


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