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‘Maximum Performance Through Your People’ MPI’s Business is aimed at helping diverse organisations tackle today’s most pressing challenge: to continually motivate and retune people to meet constantly changing market conditions. Many Companies in a wide range of sectors have entrusted our people with the development of their colleagues knowing that MPI llp has the expertise and commitment to nurture and grow innate individual talent. We have the business vision to create and implement blended multimedia-based development programmes that address those factors which are critical to business success. Our proposition of ‘Maximum Performance through your people’ is powerful. Most of a modern organisation’s worth is based on intangible assets such as your human capital and your clients. MPI’s core competencies are in cultural transformation, specifically in leadership, customer service, sales management, customer -driven relationship management and selling. One of our biggest ‘learnings’ over our many years in consulting, has been that workshops alone do not always transform organisations. It requires an integrated approach involving all stakeholders and a carefully shaped intervention to deliver the desired end outcome. How do we do that? We create technology-based toolkits through App’s HD Films, Audio Recordings, written materials and training guidelines for learners to constantly refresh their key learning, and for coaches to embed the new behaviours which in turn produces the results for everyone. We want our clients to have a great experience, have fun while working with us – and benefit from our innovative solutions and unique advanced technology. Our Vision A world class, highly respected and much sought after learning and development consultancy Our Mission Our Values Integrity Transparency Thought leadership People development focus Passion Maximising results for our clients

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