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For over 125 years, Melbourne Water has been planning and innovating for Melbourne’s future. Owned by the Victorian Government, we manage and protect the city’s water supply ensuring reliable, high-quality drinking water is available now and into the future. We're also responsible for reliable sewerage, healthy waterways, and drainage and flood management: • We safely treat sewage, using the waste as a resource to power our treatment plants, fertilise fields and producing high quality recycled water for gardens and agriculture. • We work to make sure communities are resilient to flooding and to minimise impacts on our rivers and creeks. • We manage rivers and creeks to ensure the surrounding environment is healthy and pleasant for the community. • We have a solid history of foresight and best practice — and we are proud of the work we do to help make Melbourne a fantastic place to live. • We work with Melbourne's three water retailers (South East Water, Yarra Valley Water, City West Water) to provide the community with drinking water and sewerage management services. • We also collaborate with councils, developers, contractors, Traditional Owner groups, the community and government agencies to deliver our core services. With the ever-present challenges of population growth, urbanisation and an increasingly changing and variable climate, we are also working hard to build a more resilient and water-sensitive city, one with a smart and sustainable water supply. Our focus is not only to deliver exceptional essential services to the people of Greater Melbourne today but to help secure a sustainable and healthy community for the generations to come.



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Phil Dickson
IT Infrastructure Programme Manager at Melbourne Water
Ilan Zipor
Head of Internal Audit at Melbourne Water
Michael McAlinden
IT Infrastructure Specialist at Melbourne Water
Andrew Grant
Waterways and Stormwater Planner at Melbourne Water
Pauline McGinnes
Business Change Manager at Melbourne Water
Richard Raszka
IT Domain Architect - Integration at Melbourne Water
Thomas Kuen
Manager Asset Management Research at Melbourne Water
Hugh Gleeson
Non-Executive Director at Melbourne Water
Allan M.
Process & Continuous Improvement at Melbourne Water
Tony LaPila
HR Manager (Corporate) at Melbourne Water

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