New York City Law Department


The New York City Law Department is responsible for all of the legal affairs of the City. It represents the City, the Mayor, other elected officials, and the City's many agencies in all affirmative and defensive civil litigation as well as juvenile delinquency prosecutions brought in Family Court and Administrative Code enforcement proceedings brought in Criminal Court. Law Department attorneys draft and review local and State legislation, real estate leases, procurement contracts, and financial instruments for the sale of municipal bonds. The Department also provides legal counsel to City officials on a wide range of issues such as immigration, education, and environmental policy. The Law Department is comprised of 17 legal divisions and 3 support divisions. It is staffed with 690 lawyers and 850 support professionals in 10 offices located in all five boroughs, as well as in Kingston, N.Y. The Law Department is led by the Corporation Counsel who is appointed by, and serves at the pleasure of, the Mayor. We invite you to learn more about the Law Department by exploring

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